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Product information

We offer a complete comprehensive solution for Solar Substation Monitoring. Monitoring and performance analysis of solar PV plants has become extremely critical in our present scenario. This is because of the increasing costs of operation and maintenance coupled with reducing yield due to performance degradation during the plant’s equipment lifecycle. To ensure high performance, low downtime and fault detection of a solar PV power plant during its entire lifecycle, it has become essential to use a centralized monitoring & control system.

Features :-
  • Monitors & Controls Inverter, SMB, String Performance and Electrical Networks ,input/output status
  • Highly scalable and distributed architecture
  • Trends, Alarms, Events logging
  • Data Logging report in excel format
  • Real Time Dashboards/ KPIs and Reporting
  • Defined formulas and applies rules to the parameters measured to obtain efficiencies, trends, performance ratios and estimation of losses at the solar plant